We have a positive team spirit. We’re a diverse group of down-to-earth, straightforward people with a passion for home furnishing. Our company culture is based on the spirit of togetherness, enthusiasm and fun. And we’re always looking for people who share our positive attitude and values.

A place where people like to stay

Working with us is like working with your friends. We use informal language and call each other with a first name, not with a position or title. You can sit down with your manager or with a director to have a coffee and a direct chat. We have our own co-worker restaurant, smoking room and rest room in the backstage. You can connect to the internet or watch TV there when you have a break.

What about our employees?

The best references are always from someone who has their own direct experience. So we asked our employees in different business units what they like about working at IKEA.

Thank you to all our employees for participating and voting in the eNPS TOP Employers 2022 Employee Satisfaction Study. An amazing 35,802 IKEA employees participated. In the study, they evaluated IKEA and the work environment from within the company and decided whether they would recommend their employer to their friends. Thanks to all of you, we were able to take a great 1st place in the Shop, Sell & Buy category!

What is it like to work at IKEA?

This is what Tereza, Unit People & Culture Administrator, tells you in the video. See how she perceives working at IKEA, how she started at the company, which job positions she had the opportunity to try out, and experience a little fun.


Where are you working? IKEA Brno Czech Republic

What position do you work in? Interior Design Manager

How did you start at IKEA and what roles have you held up to now?

I am originally from Moldova and I started working at IKEA at the end of August 2018, I have been working here for 3 and a half years. I started as an interior designer and it was actually my first job in the Czech Republic, where I started using my knowledge from my architecture studies. The Czech language was a challenge for me at the beginning, but all my colleagues were open, friendly and helped me integrate into the processes more quickly and improve my Czech language. Thanks to IKEA, I had the opportunity to work with other IKEA stores, e.g. in Prague or London. Step by step, after more than two years, I moved to the position of Interior Design Manager. I’ve been supporting my team for a year now, trying to inspire them to grow in their competencies and take their strengths to a higher level.

Why did you want to work at IKEA?

First of all, I’m a big fan of Scandinavian design. Honestly, IKEA Brno was the first IKEA store I visited and it was amazing.

I discovered incredible inspiration and solutions here that make people’s lives easier. Each space here is distinctive and has a deeper meaning and a story to tell through details that create a closer connection with customers.

Also, regarding the culture within the company, I like that people are very friendly, willing to help and react together to changes.


What responsibilities or tasks inspire you the most in your current role?

I enjoy leading a multicultural team in the field of interior design, inspiring them and creating challenges for their development in the team. I really enjoy helping them fulfill their work potential, develop their competencies and at the end of the day you can see how proud they are of the work they have done.


What advice would you give to someone considering a similar job?

In this day and age, when we can’t predict what will affect our daily lives, be part of teams, you can react much better to changes and inspire each other to live better and smarter at home. If you have a passion for home design and want to create a better way of living and inspire others, don’t hesitate to give it a try!


What do you like most about IKEA’s culture and values?

IKEA gives everyone a chance to be different and unique, not to be afraid of mistakes and learn from them, while working in a competent team where everyone helps and supports each other, and it doesn’t matter where you are from. IKEA values allow everyone to be themselves.


What is your favorite IKEA product?

I have several favorite IKEA products, but I will choose the KNIXHULT table lamp, made by hand from bamboo. This product is just one example of how IKEA cares for the planet and reflects this in its products – not only with a clear Scandinavian design aesthetic, but also with elements of sustainability – renewable, recyclable and durable. Also, natural materials can easily create a cozy and warm atmosphere and bring a corner of nature into the home.


Where are you working? IKEA service organization for CZ/HU/SK

What position do you work in? Fulfillment Project Implementation Manager, Customer Fulfillment

How did you start at IKEA and what roles have you held up to now?

My journey at IKEA began in 2001, when I worked as a part-time cashier and replenished goods. I spent the next four years as head cashier and then moved to the logistics department, which I am still loyal to today in various forms. I also spent an amazing year interning in Belgium, Italy and Milan, where I was later offered the position of Supply Planner. For the past few years, I have been working in a Service organization, first as a Supply support specialist, and now I try to help department stores with the implementation of new projects in the field of logistics.

Why did you want to work at IKEA?

Honestly, from the beginning, the main reason was the financial conditions, which were far more favorable compared to other offers on the market. But the people and the environment inspired me so much that money stopped being the main motivation.


What responsibilities or tasks inspire you the most in your current role?

I process and implement various projects that are an integral part of the continuous development of our company. These projects are mostly implemented globally and therefore concern most of the countries in which our company operates. Although our team is multicultural and often very different, all boundaries are erased within IKEA and we work together. Each of the projects moves us forward and proves that at IKEA we are open to new trends and procedures. My job is a lot about communication and cooperation within our area, logistics, but also within other departments. I have a very good feeling when the introduction of the new product succeeds and I see satisfaction not only among my colleagues, but also among our customers, who always come first for us.


What advice would you give to someone considering a similar job?

To be yourself, use your strengths, develop them and not be afraid of change.


What do you like most about IKEA’s culture and values?

At IKEA, it is not important what schools you have, but what you can do and whether you are able and willing to learn and cooperate. Everyone has an opportunity here. I like that we work as a team not only here in the office in Prague, but in IKEA all over the world. Most of us are on the same page. Thanks to IKEA, I have many friends, I have been able to get to know different cultures, and thanks to my colleagues, I am constantly discovering new perspectives on the world and my work.


Which store do you work in? IKEA Černý Most

What is your job position? Commercial Activity Leader

How did you start in IKEA and which roles have you taken so far?

I begun to work in IKEA as an 18-year-old boy in 1995 when IKEA was placed only in Prague in Budějovická and had only 120 employees. I had moved to Zličín to office furniture department together with an opening of the new store where I have become a department leader in 2001. Then I got an opportunity to cooperate during the rebuilding of the furniture floor including planning and organizing the whole project in Černý Most store after seven years in Zličín. And I accepted the biggest challenge of my career in 2015 and became a leader of kitchen and dining sales department with a team of 25 people. I take care of seasonal products in the whole store since 2018 until now.

Why did you want to work in IKEA?

I like very friendly and positive relationship among co-workers. Not many companies in the same business field can offer such working conditions that we have in IKEA.


Which responsibilities or duties inspire you the most in your role?

I always liked to be a department leader and to work with people, to be a part of their development and be with them in case of good or bad times. I am an integral part of their professional life and have an opportunity to help them like IKEA, stay there and be proud to work for IKEA.


What would you advise someone who is considering similar job?

Be a part of our team to test that you can feel good even in these busy times. To work for IKEA is an honour and you can enjoy new successes and ideas every day.


What do you like the most about IKEA culture and values?

IKEA culture is unique especially in that similar or same values are valid also for our personal life. It begins with a humbleness and a passion and ends with a cost-consciousness and using a common sense.

What you might not know about IKEA

  • IKEA won a prestigious Randstad award 2021 as The most attractive employer in the Czech Republic in retail sector. The award was an outcome of an independet assessment of almost 5 000 people.
  • We are proud winners of TOP employer award for 2021 in the Retail and Logistics category in a prestigious competition among university students.
  • IKEA is also proud for being the first one in categories Overall winner and Home furnishing retailer in MasterCard Retailer of the Year competition. It is our victory already seventh year in a row. Over 140 000 people voted last year.
  • IKEA restaurants have become an integral part of the IKEA concept. We sell over 300 000 kg of our favourite Swedish meatballs per year in the Czech Republic. In 2020, we also introduced new, more sustainable vegan meatballs which taste the same as the meat ones.
  • IKEA supports the idea that home is a safe place for everyone. That’s why we have connected with Koalice NeNa and we take steps against a severe social problem of domestic abuse.


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