Development in IKEA

IKEA grows when its people grow. We are trying to support everybody’s talent and develop it within a given job description and in the form of special smaller projects. In IKEA, you can easily grow into a great sales manager from a warehouse worker or a cashier can become a restaurant manager, for example. Former education is not that important. What is more important is an effort to constantly learn new things and to take responsibility for your own development.

Learning in IKEA

IKEA has its own system of learning and trainings designed for a specific job position. You will get introduction training as a new co-worker where you will learn about how the company operates, the safety and security rules, customer friendly principles and our environmental approach. You will also get a mentor – a colleague who answers all your questions, shows you your department and introduces you to your colleagues. You will pass more trainings according to your training plan then.

Growth and development in IKEA

Development possibilities in IKEA are as varied as the personalities of our co-workers. We have a Development talk at least once a year which is a friendly meeting with your manager where you agree together where you would like to go and how you’d like develop yourself in the future.

We also organise Development centres where participants get to know their potential, strengths and weaknesses and gain a recommendation about which area is the most suitable for their development. Besides that, we have a special development program for future managers where they learn managerial skills and focus on personal development. Every co-worker can join Talent Week which runs once a year to find co-worker’s individual talents.

Possibility to work abroad

Working in IKEA abroad is easier than you can imagine. IKEA is constantly growing and new job opportunities are coming together with new stores. How you use these opportunities and how your career will look like is in your hands. Many co-workers have worked in several countries so we have plenty of experience with the support of our co-workers abroad.


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