What the selection process looks like

We appreciate our customers and co-workers and we communicate with them openly. We do not want to hide anything and we give equal chances to anyone regardless of age, sex, origin or religion.

How to apply for a job in IKEA

If you are interested in working in IKEA, go through the list of open positions. If you find any of them interesting and if you meet the requirements, apply directly via the button in an advertisement. You will get an e-mail answer from us about receiving your request.

We assess every application and choose the most suitable candidates for the particular job position. We invite those candidates via e-mail or phone to participate in a selection process.

How the selection process runs

The selection process usually consists of three rounds. First of them is assessment centre, second is a personal interview with a future manager and the third round is a personal interview with a boss of this manager.


Assessment centre

Assessment centre is a way to get to know more about our future colleagues and how they are solve different tasks and work with others. There are about 10 applicants participating. Both group tasks that you will solve together with other participants and individual tasks are included. A great advantage is that you can get feedback from one of the assessors if you want to. You will get to know about your strengths and weaknesses and which are most important for your career; where your advantages are and where you can improve.


Second round

Two or three candidates who pass to the second round are chosen based on the assessment centre results. The second round is a personal interview with a future manager. We do not ask tricky questions. We appreciate your honesty the most. We could ask you to fill in a personal test as a part of the interview. If you want to ask anything about your future job, this is the right time to ask.


Personal interview

The third round is a personal interview between the most suitable candidate and the boss of your future manager, the so-called grandparent principle. We are also interested in a candidate’s motivation to work in IKEA in this phase and what expectations they have.

What can you expect from IKEA during a selection process?

You do not have to worry about the selection process. It is not an examination, the whole process runs in a fun and friendly atmosphere. We do recommend you find out basic information about IKEA. But the major part of the interview will be about you and your future job.

IKEA informs you about your results and next steps after finishing each round of the selection process. We agree on a start date and mutual signing of a working contract after successfully passing each round.

Congratulations, you have become one of us!


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