Is your health status preventing you from getting a job you like? Want to help make other people’s daily lives better? Join the IKEA team!


Be yourself

We believe that every one of us makes IKEA better.

We’re all different, and our differences contribute to our creativity and encourage our growth. We put everything into creating a diverse work environment. We make use of the fact that we’re different. Our employees feel we value their individuality and their diversity of talents, and they’re happy that everyone can be themselves.

Working at IKEA

Every job is important to us. We offer a range of jobs with flexibility and varying work hours. If your life situation changes, you can change your schedule and adapt it as you need to.

What positions are we offering?

At IKEA, we want to better understand what you need and what your expectations are. We want you to integrate well into the team and into IKEA. Come apply what you already know, or don’t be afraid to try something new and develop your talent. You can be involved in sales, work at the cash registers, work in customer service, in a restaurant or in administration. We can adjust the length of working hours and adapt to your work pace. We will be happy to advise you on which job would be suitable for you according to its physical and mental demands, so that it is fun and suits you.

Current vacancies also suitable for people with disabilities

You are never alone

At the beginning, we navigate all new colleagues not only through the job, but through the working environment. Most important is the help of a mentor from a group of colleagues you can turn to whenever you need support. Your mentor will also teach you everything you need to know to work with us. We work to break down barriers not only in the environment, but also in people’s minds.

What’s our employees’ experience?

Read what our employees say about working at IKEA — what they like here, and what they worried about before they came.


Where do you work?
I work at IKEA Ostrava


What’s your position?
I work as a fill-up co-worker.

How long have you been with IKEA?

For 20 years (in 2021).


What do you like the most about IKEA as an employer?

IKEA’s approach to co-workers, including the disabled ones.

How about flexibility at work?

The working hours suit me perfectly. I got used to getting up at night. And when I want to travel, they try to accommodate my needs at work. Travelling is my big hobby.


What were you most worried about when you came on board?

What I feared most was that my disability would have been a problem for me to be hired. And when I was selected, I was concerned about how I would manage my work and become an equal partner to other colleagues.


How do you get along with your colleagues? What is the team like?

I feel very well in the team. My colleagues fully respect my health condition, they are considerate and willing to help me in case I need it.


How has IKEA supported you when it comes to your health complications?

In my job and with my type of disability, it is very important for me to keep working in the same area, where I already know everything and can manage everything well. I get maximum support and understanding in this.


What advice would you give to someone with a health issue who is thinking about working for IKEA or is getting ready to apply?

Don’t be afraid, don’t be shy and apply for the job! You should try everything. The beginnings may be difficult, but at IKEA you will find support, understanding and the possibility to use your potential and integrate into everyday life. Maybe we’ll become colleagues!


Where do you work?

At IKEA Ostrava, Human Resources Department


What’s your position?

People & Culture Administrator

How did you start at IKEA and what roles have you held up until now?

Cashier, Vault Cashier, Main Cashier, Checkout Services Manager, Shopping Experience Manager, Easy Buying Experience Manager.


Why did you want to work at IKEA?

A new IKEA store was opening in Ostrava, so my friend and I tried to log in and it worked.

What responsibilities or tasks inspire you the most in your current role?

I am inspired by the people I work with, that I meet, in the personnel department it is actually the whole department store. Since I’ve only been in this department for a few months, I’m still learning and that’s what inspires me the most.


What advice would you give to someone considering a similar job?

Try it, come to us and take a good mood with you.


What do you like most about IKEA’s culture and values?

I like the togetherness – the fact that we have such a homely environment at work, that we treat each other nicely and can always ask something we don’t understand.


What is your favorite department in a store and why?

I like all the departments I’ve been through. Each department has its own specifics and each has a different type of work, but they are still similar. Each of these departments taught me many things – how to communicate, how to solve different situations, how to help others on the team, how to help the customer. I met different people there, with whom I am still in contact, some more, some less, but they still remind me of the times when I was with them every day. I also interact with many of them in my personal life and I like them.


What is your favorite IKEA product and why?

I have a lot of favorite products, it’s impossible to pick just one.


Where do you work?
I work at IKEA Brno.


What’s your position?
Press operator in the Warehouse and Logistics department.

How long have you been with IKEA?

About six years.


What do you like most about IKEA as an employer?

What I most value at IKEA is the tolerance — especially when it comes to my health status. If I go through a demanding time and my health worsens, or I have to be hospitalized, my employer always tries to accommodate and support me. I also value the corporate culture and the team. People are friendly and respectful; they don’t back-stab each other.

What about your schedule? Do you like it?

My schedule is flexible, which is what I like the best. I work a shortened schedule, and I’m always three days on and three days off. I start early in the morning, but my biorhythm has gotten used to it. On the other hand, thanks to that I’m at work just five to six hours, and then I can relax at h.ome.


How do you get along with your co-workers? What is the team like?

On the team we communicate openly and aren’t scared to give each other feedback. If I don’t like something, I can tell my supervisor and discuss everything. For example, once when there was more work than usual, he arranged for employees from an outside company to take up some of the load. Thanks to that, everything went like it was supposed to


What were you most worried about when you came on board?

I wasn’t worried about anything. I was excited to come to IKEA. I started in a job replenishing goods. But the team supported me when I did something wrong, told me immediately, and showed me how to do it, so that I’d remember. So, nobody complained if someone didn’t do something right. Generally, however, I felt I wouldn’t keep up with the pace and individual tasks, because the nature of my handicap complicated the work. Then the supervisor got my position changed, and it was excellent. Now I don’t have to think things over as much, I can organize my time and work better, and I’ve got less stress.


What advice would you give to someone with a health issue who is thinking about working for IKEA or is getting ready to apply?

Don’t be afraid. There’s a great team waiting for you. It’s all about the agreement. You shouldn’t be afraid to say what you need, and that’s important. Moreover, everybody accepts me as I am, including my illness. They know I can have it tough for a day or a longer period, but also they can tell me if something is wrong.