We do not distinguish people regarding the age, sex or nationality. Your degree and education level are only input data for us. Much more important is if you share our values, if you want to work with colleagues and on yourself, if you want to learn new things and if you are not afraid to make mistakes.

Each IKEA career is different. Watch a video about some examples from real IKEA co-workers.

Different part time job

We actually do not have summer jobs in IKEA. Every job is important for IKEA operations and we perceive each co-worker as an equal team member regardless he/she works with us for a short period or only part-time. We like long-term relationships that’s why students often develop their career in IKEA also after they graduate.

National or international career

Graduates have countless job opportunities in IKEA. It depends on you what you choose according to what you are interested in and which direction you want to take.

We know that beginnings might be sometimes hard. That’s why new co-workers get maximal support from their colleagues and managers so as they feel good at work and learn everything needed for fulfilling their tasks soon. In return we gain new view or fresh ideas from young colleagues.

IKEA is present all around the World so it is quite common that our colleagues work successfully in foreign IKEA units and also directly in a country of its origin – Sweden.

Are you attracted to be a part of a growing international company with a long history? Do you prefer friendly relationships with your colleagues to highlighting titles?

Start your career in IKEA!

IKEA was voted the TOP employer in the Czech Republic again

IKEA Czech Republic defended its title from the last year and was voted the TOP employer in the Retail category.

IKEA Recruitment manager Ladislav Onderka represented our company during the Award ceremony. He says: „The TOP employer award in the Retail category is very precious for us. Especially in this time, when there are more job offers than job demands on the market, we highly appreciate that university students perceive us as a good employer and a workplace, where they would like to realize their career.

We are constantly trying to raise awareness about IKEA as an employer and we are happy that also university students have the positive perception of IKEA brand.“

The award for the Most Attractive Employer in the Retail category in the Czech Republic goes to IKEA!

Economic studies students awarded IKEA Czech Republic a special price „BEST IN INDUSTRY 2017: RETAIL” within the 4th Universum student survey.

During the festive ceremony the award was taken over by Ladislav Onderka, IKEA recruitment manager: “We are really pleased as this award confirms that IKEA is an attractive employer and a company that has a lot to offer. Simultaneously, it is a commitment and a great motivation for us not to rest on our laurels and keep on doing the best we can.”

14 250 students from 58 Czech universities studying 107 different branches of study participated in the survey.


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